Styling Tips for summers

Summer is already setting the sweltering heat up in the sky. As we fervently expect the season of fun and thoughtlessness, there is no better time to prep your closet with some smartest fashion trends. Scroll through these tips and you’ll be ready to know what to wear and how to style your way to glamour even in the pesky summer conditions.

  1. Avoid flimsy Fabrics

The first and the foremost tip are to avoid flimsy fabrics that stick to your body and create uneasiness. It goes without saying that lightweight materials are any day better as they have light structure and also feels light on the body. The heavy material also doesn’t cling to you while sweating.

Always choose clothes in natural materials. Cotton, for instance, is more breathable than polyester or rayon. It's also restored by absorbing sweat and also dries faster, which means you won't feel perspiring for providing you would if your clothes were made from artificial fabric.

  1. DON'T underestimate the power of a Tee dress

The throw-on-and-go T-shirt dress is impeccable for summer. Wear your tee cum dress from day to night by transitioning into somewhat fancier footwear and some style and fun with accessories.

  1. Reinvent your clothes

We’re huge advocates of using the tailors your city or town certainly has, particularly if you’re on the fence about whether to get rid of particular items from your wardrobe. A tailor can inexpensively transform the look and form of your garments, making them look entirely different. A few instances: A floor-cropping skirt or dress can be made into a comfy mini; likewise pants can be twisted into shorts, in addition to long blazers into cute cropped jackets to wear over summer dresses.

Extra great tailor tip for those looking to try out the crop top trend without viewing like a slave to style: All you need is to bring an old T-shirt plus tank top you don’t wear any longer to your tailor and have he or she hem it to show a slice of skin. Next, you need to pair it with super high-waist pants, skirts or shorts. And the result would be an easy-breezy crop that’s not too tight, too fashionable, or too skimpy—and can be worn securely all summer!

  1. Keep your clothes loose

This could be one of the best tips and tricks ever, “The looser the better” it is in summers. The less material you have really touched your body, the more contented you will feel. Believe it or not, a floor length maxi dress will keep you calmer than a pair of shorts and skintight pants.

  1. Do try a new sunglass silhouette

Whether it's stout, cat-eye, king-size, or aviator, try a sunglass shape you've never tried before.

  1. Do add a pop of color

Adding a dash of color to your wardrobe is one of the easiest and smartest ways to style yourself to glamour this season.  Try finding out a lustrously colored bag or shoes to pair with your wardrobe essentials—it'll fill a little summer into an or else neutral dress.

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